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Munich, Germany

Gokudo Skateboards

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Gokudo Skateboards

Gokudo Skateboards follows the extreme path. The path of the extraordinary, the path of highest integrity and quality.

Yet, this is also the path of the Japanese outlaw, better known as yakuza.

Honor, filial piety and unconditional loyalty between brothers reign supreme, equaled only by the love for skateboarding.

It is old and new, tradition and progress, paper lanterns and neon lights, Ukiyo-e and graffiti, the spiciest wasabi and the smoothest green tea.

Gokudo's main focus is on the finest skateboard deck graphics, inspired by Japan, Japanese culture, the floating world, and the Yakuza lifestyle. T-shirts, sweaters and the occasional accessory closely follow each new line of deck designs.

Join the family, it is up to you!